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Spirituality Scholars' Network: Symposium

An invitation

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The Spirituality Scholars’ Network (SSN) is an initiative of the INSS which aims to support postgraduate, early career researchers, and scholars in sharing their interests, experiences and projects in the field of spirituality studies. You can connect with us via social media and also attend our research symposia. 

On Friday 22nd October 2021, in conjunction with the University of Huddersfield, we are delighted to be hosting our

Second International Symposium ONLINE.  

Its intention is to support scholars working in the field of Spirituality studies in any discpline. It offers researchers at all stages the opportunity to submit papers for discussion, feedback and support. 

Call for Abstracts

The SSN Symposium encourages the exchange and synthesis of ideas, particularly where they challenge and transcend ‘conventional’ research paradigms. Given the multi-perspectival and cross-disciplinary nature of the study of spirituality, we welcome submissions from colleagues of their own papers on the broad theme of ‘studies in spirituality'. 

The papers will be either a conceptual discussion paper, which is aimed at participants whose research is at the more conceptual stage and will foster discussions and peer review/feedback on theory, conceptual ideas, project ideas, etc. Alternatively scholars can submit a publication draft paper aimed at participants who are more advanced in their research and would welcome advice, guidance and feedback on projects such as writing an article for publication, writing a monograph / book chapter, completing a research bid, etc.

See full details of the Call for Abstracts. Deadline for the submission of abstracts is Friday 3rd September 2021, 12:00 noon

Do contact Dr Melanie Rogers or Dr Sophie Mackenzie for more information via the Executive Committee links.

We look forward to meeting you! 

   About the network

The INSS is a unique international network for people interested in bringing the study of spirituality to life through research, scholarship, education and practice.


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